Fine Dining Restaurant Schenectady, NY

French Restaurant & Bistro in Colonie, NY

Serving Albany

The Epicurean Bistro & Wine Bar of Colonie, NY is proud to be the only truly authentic French restaurant in the Albany-Schenectady Region.

Fine Dining

We invite our restaurant guests to linger over delectable dishes featuring classic French preparation with a twist inspired by the sensations of founding partner Claire Pogue’s native Quebec, and Award-Winning Executive Chef Dominique Brialy’s native Central France. While bistro staples like Cassoulet, Coq au Vin, Steak Tartare, Escargot, and Frog’s Legs are prepared as Grandmaman would have intended, they are often infused with an unexpected flare from pastis to lavender to the Chef’s beloved “produits du terroir,” herbs hand-picked from his garden.

And in a bow to his newly-adopted home in the United States where diets vary from vegetarian to gluten-free, Chef Dominique has made it a point to include a variety of dishes to appeal to those sensibilities on the seasonally changing fine dining menu.